Summer 2022 Collection

Current Air sees the world through the eyes of the modern romantic, infusing a nostalgia for decades past into endlessly wearable clothing for the contemporary woman. Our pieces speak to a timeless feminine sensibility and a desire to bring the magic back into getting dressed every day. We strive to make each moment a celebration when you’re wearing our clothes.
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This season is an invitation to indulge the senses and revel in the wonders of the world outside our door.
The beckon of nature leads us into a new season brimming with sartorial delights.

Enchantment awaits in every moment

A celebratory quality permeates the Spring 2022 collection, manifesting in spellbinding silhouettes, ethereal fabrics, and captivating details.

Fantasies come alive in a thoughtful medley of reclaimed romantic pieces, offering a whimsical play of bright colors and feel-me textures.