Corporate Responsibility (Current Air Cares)



Being good to Mother Earth is always in style. Here at Current Air, we’re committed to our vision of creating standout contemporary apparel while taking action toward reducing our impact on the environment.
We’ve implemented a number of green initiatives in order to reduce waste and are proud to continually invest in smart and innovative solutions for long-term sustainability. We proactively test and source the highest-quality recycled fabrics and have launched the Current Air Cares program, an initiative to produce best selling styles made from recycled materials and from sustainable manufacturing processes. Lastly, all of our packaging and shipping materials are recycled & biodegradable.


Our dedication to a healthy planet includes doing our part in building a thriving global community. We’ve formed close partnerships with ethical overseas factories that comply with fair labor and wages to ensure the health, safety, and quality of life for workers. 


Current Air is dedicated to being an ally to the community. We support the East Los Angeles Women’s Center (ELAWC), a nonprofit that inspires confidence in women seeking refuge and new opportunities such as entering the workforce. Our partnership launched in 2020 through essential clothing donations, an initiative that's been carried through 2023. We’re proud to back their mission as they advocate for and empower survivors of sexual and domestic violence, intimate partner abuse, and homelessness. Together we can use our resources to create positive change.
We’re big believers in the importance of giving back. In recent years, we’ve been supporting our neighbors in our hometown of Los Angeles by purchasing and distributing more than 500 sleeping bags to those in need—an effort we plan to continue and expand upon each year.
Additionally, we donate a portion of sales proceeds from our annual sample sales to local and global nonprofit organizations, including those dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by natural disasters such as the 2017 Mexico City earthquake and the 2021 California wildfires.


Our commitment to giving back extends beyond the neighborhood around us. We all have a part to play as members of the global community. In March of 2022, with the unfolding of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, we donated $10,000 to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), a global nonprofit, in order to help support those displaced from their homes due to the ongoing conflict.
Current Air is proud to endorse UNHCR’s mission of providing essential aid to Ukrainian refugees. It’s our hope that we can expand awareness of UNHCR and the crucial assistance they provide to populations in need.  Learn More