Steps Toward Sustainability

Being good to Mother Earth is always in style. Here at Current Air, we’re committed to our vision of creating standout contemporary apparel while taking action toward reducing our impact on the environment.

We’ve implemented a number of green initiatives in order to reduce waste and are proud to continually invest in smart and innovative solutions for long-term sustainability. We proactively test and source the highest-quality recycled fabrics and have launched the Current Air Cares program, an initiative to produce best selling styles made from recycled materials and from sustainable manufacturing processes. We have an in-house team with over 25 years of experience in the industry who vet and procure sustainable fabrics and integrate more sustainable approaches from start to finish. They work hand in hand with pattern makers to ensure each style is cut with the least amount of wastage and excess fabric is recycled, donated, or reprocessed into material partly used for styles as lining, ties, or accessories. For our prints, we love the more eco-friendly approach of digital print in lieu of dye print. The practice of digital print has been gaining more popularity in many contemporary European brands as it uses significantly less water and less harmful chemicals from the dyes, which does not end up in our landfills. Lastly, all of our packaging and shipping materials are recycled & biodegradable.


Human Rights

Our dedication to a healthy planet includes doing our part in building a thriving global community. We’ve formed close partnerships with ethical overseas factories that comply with fair labor and wages to ensure the health, safety, and quality of life for workers.